All waters are up to date as per the membership book with the exception of Jacks Pool which is the top pool at the Willows. As from April 1st this will now again part of the club waters this is a rarely fished water with exceptional crucians to 3lb, silver fish and hard fighting common’s. This gives us an additional half dozen pegs at the Willows.
Full membership is currently closed, we now have a waiting list.
Associate memberships are available canal memberships can be bought online or at custom bicycles The Boatyard Newcastle Rd.
Following the algae bloom in Autumn we had Mick Buxton from the environment agency visited the pools following his advice we purchased a solar power aerator which is up and running and also placed fresh barley straw around the pools. The barley straw when it decays produces a light humic acid that kills the algae. The straw will need renewing in August.
We introduced almost 1,000 crucian carp and F1’s spread across the pools in November.
The cost of restocking and the aerator was approx. £2,500.00
Over the last few months the Club has made a number of grant submissions with two being successful :
To improve the paths and accessibility.
To replace some of the wooden platforms with durable plastic replacements with a 25 year life. This will reduce mid and long term, maintenance on the pools. This however is dependent upon having enough support to do the work.

Stage 1 will take place over 2 days Friday & Saturday April 2nd /3rd if you have a couple of hours to spare your support would be appreciated please let us know if you can help via Facebook, messenger or text to kim Jones. Only pegs 2-9 will be fishable at Jono’s on those days.

Paul Walkden has agreed to act as temporary chairperson until the next AGM/EGM when all officers will be up for reselection.
It is important that we all act collectively in ensuring the health and safety of each other and other members, advising when rules being broken or there is poor and inconsiderate behaviour. For example, the person who failed to control their bowel movements leaving their excrement for others to clean up and in front of the farmers neighbours thank you.
Following an update from the Angling Trust the next match will be Sunday April 4th at Shebdon. Giving, consideration to resident boat owners the match will take place to the left of the turning circle. Note when fishing opposite the boats at Shebdon please have consideration by fishing between moored boats rather than directly in front of their living quarters.

RIVER TRENT Match on June 20th has been moved from Great Haywood and will now take place on the Trent @ burton Baileys stretch of Coors A/C you are able to drive and park behind pegs almost all pegs have platforms.

Kim Jones
Mark Wilton
Paul Walkden
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